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[one_half padding=”0 10px 0 10px”]Even with modern day remote career opportunities, the majority of us still have to put in an appearance at the office. Long gone are the days of those bulky “power suits’ with hideously over-sized shoulders and unflattering waistlines and the ankle length skirts and pantyhose.

Add some interest to the classic white blouse, black pant office staple with different hemlines. The collar on this shirt is still crisp and neat but the un-tucked waistline and mid-length knit sweater add a touch of comfort and interest.[/one_half]

[one_half_last padding=”0 10px 0 10px”]Try a modern straight leg pant that cuts slightly above the ankle for a more flattering, fashion forward twist and pair with a classic pair of designer heels. The two tone Chanel Slingbacks are comfortable yet fashion forward with their block heel and wide soft toe.

Lastly accessorize with bold color pieces, my favorite are a pair of over-sized, statement sunglasses by Gucci with a brightly colored Hermes! Perfect for putting in that much needed appearance at the office without the usual bore! [/one_half_last]



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