Blue Hesper Palm

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Brahea armata, commonly known as Mexican blue palm or blue Hesper palm, is a large evergreen tree of the palm family Arecaceae, native to Baja California, Mexico. It is widely planted as an ornamental. Striking blue fan-shaped leaves make a bold statement in the landscape. Creamy white blooms form in summer on long inflorescence which hang down from the leaves. This palm is slow-growing and tolerant of rocky soils and desert heat. Maintains its unique blue coloring best in full sun. Evergreen.

  • High Poly Mesh (Not Recommended for low-end computers)
  • 2 palm shades, 3 pot variations
  • Two files, Potten Indoor and Garden version
  • Potted 1700 simoleons
  • Garden 1000 simoleons


  • Do not re-upload behind pay-sites (restricted Patreon etc.)
  • Link back with credit if re-textured/recolored, please do not include the mesh.
  • You may convert to other Sims games with credit.
  • You may include packaged in lot uploads, provided they are not behind a paywall, Patreon early access, or ad-fly.
  • My content is free and I do not post early access items. If you are so inclined and able, you can show your support and DONATE VIA PATREON.

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