Pixelplayground is an extension of the simblr blog “PixelPlayground” established in 2011. After 7 years’ of blogging within the simming community, I feel a little restricted by the tumblr platform in creating and sharing the kind of content I want. Simblr will still be my main platform, but this space will house more focused, specific content that encompasses interior decor, personal style and city guides as I try to recreate the EA Worlds.

Pixelplayground is now expanding to a personalized blog featuring curated style, decor and “behind the scenes” information on some of my latest projects.

I’m a 20-something female, currently living in Arizona. I play sims by night & by day I am a sales-professional. My all time favorite expansion pack is Makin’ Magic! and have a little obsession with Bonehilda. (check out my “Skelly” tag on my simblr if you want to see more of those posts).